The Origin of RunDinoRun Dinos

You’ve heard stories about what happened to the dinosaurs and how they became extinct many years ago, but all of these theories ignore one key bit of information: A parallel world exists in the metaverse where dinosaurs are still alive and roaming the Earth. Your Run Dino Run Dinos NFT is your exclusive invitation to join us in this parallel world where dinosaurs still walk the Earth, proudly and powerfully. They roam from lush green forests to vast deserts. They inhabit this planet all the way from the darkest, coldest depths of the ocean to the tops of the tallest mountains.

But there’s a problem, and one of our Dino friends needs your help urgently.

A group of dinosaurs was migrating from Gondwanaland to LandBeforeTime to visit some friends and familiar faces when suddenly there was a loud crashing sound. Dust, dirt, and debris filled the air, and chaos ensued. Once the dust settled, every Dino in this group was safe and sound, except for one young Dino who was traveling with his dad. He was gone! Without panicking or losing his composure for a second, the Daddy Dino hopped into action and started to search for his lost son. He’s willing to traverse the entire planet, back and forth, for as long as it takes to find and rescue his baby. And that’s where the game Run Dino Run begins. You’re playing as the Daddy Dino who is not going to stop until he finds his baby. Now that you know why he’s running, won’t you help him?


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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to mint your very own Run Dino Run Dinos NFT! The first thing you’ll need to do is create an Ethereum wallet in MetaMask and fund this wallet with enough ETH to cover the cost of minting your Run Dino Run Dinos NFT and the current gas prices. Gas prices can fluctuate, so you may want to add a little extra ETH to your wallet, just in case.

Next, click the [  ] button on this page to connect with your MetaMask wallet. Once your wallet is connected, all that’s left to do is check-out and then approve the transaction in your wallet.

A few moments after your transaction is initiated, you can head over to OpenSea to view your new Run Dino Run Dinos NFT in all its glory.

These Dinos exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

This collection will be available to mint on

Our collection of DinoRunDino Dinos will consist of 10,000 unique tokens of procedurally generated art. Our roadmap also discusses plans to add new NFTs and other special bonuses and goodies for our community, but the initial collection is limited to 10,000.

We recommend using MetaMask to connect to OpenSea. MetaMask runs in your browser and is the easiest way to start trading NFTs.

Each unique Dino is highly collectible and a special piece of art that’s all your own. Beyond that, we’ll be integrating these NFTs into our existing game, DinoRunDino, for an immersive experience that adds a whole new dimension of functionality that goes beyond the art.

The best way to join us is to hop into our Discord, pull up a chair, and join us for all of the latest news, announcements, promotions, giveaways, and Discord-exclusive lore drops.

Your NFT grants you access to verify your ownership in one of the most exciting and dynamic communities. 

We’ve had a growing community of RunDinoRun players enjoying the game for years, and now we’re using NFTs to take it to the next level. Join us today. It’s lit!